Not for profit


Every not-for-profit organisation is unique with a specific set of needs. We understand that every dinar is crucial and the best value for money is perhaps one of the major driving forces behind your decision making.Our auditors have extensive experience of working with many organisations in this sector and have a deep understanding of the challenges and regulatory pressures.

We act as auditors and advisers for numerous programme/projects funded by various domestic and international donors. While providing routine auditing services, we use our knowledge of the business and the individuals involved to provide a wide advisory role where our clients see the real benefits of a close working relationship with us.

Not-for-profit organisations need access to trustworthy, objective and cost effective expertise and support across all areas of their operations. We have proven experience in providing specialist services that meet the increasingly competitive demands of this sector. This has allowed us to build long-standing relationships with many not-for-profit organisations acting in the role of trusted advisor, focusing on key business areas.

We offer a full range of consulting services in not-for-profit financial accounting regulations and practices, specifically in the context of legal requirements.