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10 advantges to emplyment at Moore Stephens 






Employment policy

We at Moore Stephens are aware that employees (i.e. their knowledge, dedication to work and a sense of belonging to the collective) are the most significant segment of our operations, and we therefore place exceptional importance on cadre selection. We are proud of the fact that all candidates, as well as all employees, have equal chances, regardless of their social position, gender, and religious or national affiliation. In our company you will not find so-called ‘VIP beginners’, who are given favourable treatment in the recruitment process, because we are aware of the long term detrimental effect such a cadre policy may have on employee morale and team spirit. 



Who can become a member of our team   

The employment policy in our company is to employ exclusively graduates from state universities, and for the auditing department priority is given to those candidates from the faculty of economics. The selected candidates usually undergo a series of tests: psychological, general knowledge, language, and use of excel, but not a test of knowledge because we believe that your professors have already done that, which is why we particularly value your average grade and length of study. Only at the end of the trainee period is there a test of knowledge in the form of a trainee exam, which along with a positive evaluation of work and conduct from your superiors, is the precondition for full time employment and career advancement in our firm. 



Knowledge transfer 

The age and qualification structure of the employees in our company is exceptionally favourable, thus ensuring the establishment of auditing teams of optimal structure. Almost half the total number of employed auditors hold managerial positions, and the organisation of work is such that they regularly participate in team work on the field. In the division of tasks we avoid giving young employees the same auditing jobs such as simply filling in forms without any information about the essence of the job they have taken on, which is often the case. In this way we significantly speed up the transfer of knowledge to younger cadre and enable them to acquire a broader skill set in the first years of their careers than their colleagues in bigger auditing companies. 



Professional development

All employees have access to a wide range of professional literature, including electronic data bases and regulations archives. The professional training of our employees is carried out in continuity both via in-house training and seminars and training courses organised in the country and abroad. Employees who excel in their work are granted finances for Authorised Auditor exams as well as other professional specialisations. English language classes are provided on our premises during regular working hours with a native speaker, with whom we have a long lasting cooperation. In some cases, the company may finance external language classes for other foreign languages. 



Collective sprit

The company’s business culture is such that it promotes friendly, almost family relations between employees, discouraging rivalry and careerism. The hierarchy within the company is much less noticeable that in other similar companies. The company nurtures a collective spirit and employees who have left the company for various reasons (which is common in our profession) remain in close contact with us. Traditional events such as Team Building, Alumni Day and our Client Reception, as well as sports days, take place each year and all employees participate in these activities, which in other companies are usually just a privilege reserved for the managerial cadre.



More at home

Our company’s advantage is that, in addition to our headquarters in Belgrade, we also have branches in other major regional centres (Novi Sad, Nis, and Zrenjanin) and the employees in those branches carry out most of their work on ‘their’ territories. This enables us to do our business efficiently, and at the same time reduce the number of nights which employees have to spend outside their home towns. Frequent and long absences from home, usually in poor provincial hotels, appear to be one of the significant de-stimulating factors for employees in competing companies. In our company, going on field work and coming back home is most often done on the same day using our company’s fleet of eight new cars. 



Opportunities for travel

As a socially responsible company, Moore Stephens has been financing the project, Let’s travel to Europe, for many years, thus enabling a large number of students to travel around Europe and encounter different cultures for free. Thanks to our important clients which have businesses abroad, as well as through cooperation with Moore Stephens members from other countries, a significant number of our employees have the chance to travel abroad during their work. Apart from the countries in the region, our employees (both seniors and juniors) have visited dozens of other countries on all continents apart from Australia. For those who like to travel, that can be good news, and for others just information that field work abroad is organised only with previous agreement with our employees. 



The working envirionment 

Our employees work in modern, light and naturally acclimatised premises in urban centres and have access to the latest technology and equipment. In addition, all employees, including junior staff, have their own work space, which means that we do not implement the open space concept, nor so-called ‘hot chairs’ which are shared by several employees – usually the youngest ones. Working hours are flexible, on condition that work is done on time. A dress code and other rules of cooperative behaviour are in effect, but are less strict, and we allow our employees greater individuality.  



Salary and benefits

Our salary structure policy comprises a lower income in the first years, when employees learn more than they contribute, followed by a progressive growth in salary commensurate with experience gained. In addition to their basic salary, employees are also paid travel costs and a per diem allowance while they are on business trips, as well as additional benefits such as jubilee awards and severance pay. Certain categories of employees also receive traditional New Year’s gifts for their children and presents for Woman’s Day. As a benefit, all employees have additional health insurance with the Vizim Health Centre, with free basic health checks and laboratory analyses, as well as a large number of specialist consultations. The company also insures all employees against accidents and illness. 



Social responsibility

Auditing is an exceptionally demanding job, and it is not always easy for our senior colleagues to keep up with the frequent changes to standards and methodologies, and the implementation of new technologies in particular. Consequently, employers often thank such staff members who are no longer able to follow the new tempo for their cooperation and in the latter years of their careers they are forced to look for a new beginning. At Moore Stephens that is not the case, and will never be. At the cost of lower total profitability, we find all employees who show the minimum effort, adequate posts until such time as they take their well-deserved retirement. 

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